Pictured here is a Robola vineyard in Cephalonia. The Greeks have been producing wines for centuries and offer some interesting varietals made by skilled winemakers.
Italy's Piedmont Region produces some of the best wines in the world. Pictured here: the village of Barolo.
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We came to a decision to hang up our importer and distributor hat in Pennsylvania.  My life has been dedicated to the culinary field, centered around fine wine & spirits, and inspired by the philosophy guided by Slow Food. Culture, fairness, and integrity are important factors in my culinary pursuits. I have reached a pinnacle that inspires me to share my experiences and knowledge with consumers. Many of us try to live healthy lifestyles that are based on local, in-season foods and wines that are produced by terra madre and finessed by skilled wine makers. My long career started in the restaurant world and evolved into sales and marketing in the wine & spirit field.  I now want to share my knowledge in informal talks that relate on consumer levels and inspire one to live a lifestyle that is based on holistic ecology.  I continue to accept speaking engagements, host events, plan fund raising events for consumers, corporate clients, non-profits, and instructional seminars for the trade.  Please contact me at winetek@comcast.net.


Joe Brandolo

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