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Wines Rooted In A Place

We seek out producers who respect the soil and celebrate their unique spot on the planet.
Our Mission

8Wine can be either art or it can be beverage.  Every day we see beverage wines stacked to the ceilings with creative labels that contain generic uninteresting wines. Good wines are made in the vineyard and real winemakers merely take that canvas and coax the balance of earth and fruit to create their interpretation.  Winemakers who realize this vision, respect the earth and therefore treat their vineyards, their soils, and their fruit sustainably understanding that they are custodians not owners of the land.  Our job is to find producers who share our vision.

As a team we offer several decades of experience in all phases of the industry, including hospitality.  Our company was founded on Slow Food and Slow Wine concepts.  We not only want to evaluate our wines on the flavor profile but we have a concern for the way the grapes are grown and the wines are made.  Our wineries have an appreciation for their place on the earth, they take pride in their indigenous culture, particularly their wine and food culture, along with respect for the soil.

Our food and wine travels have taken us to some of the regions where our wines are produced to assemble this portfolio.  We take pride in our products and hope that you enjoy our selections.  We especially hope that you consider the world that we live in and respect the planet and all of it’s bounty and consider food and wine gifts for us to appreciate and enjoy (responsibly).

Our Local Roots


As part of our Mission we decided to be reside our business in a community based nonprofit initiative. We are tenants at Common Market as part of the Philly Good Food Lab.

Common Market is a mission-driven distributor of local foods to the Mid-Atlantic region. Their goal is to strengthen regional farms while making the local bounty accessible to communities and the institutions that serve them.

The Philly Good Food Lab is a creative space for local food enterprises and entrepreneurs, anchored by Common Market’s growing local food distribution business. Their 70,000 square foot warehouse space in eastern North Philadelphia is owned and occupied by Common Market and provides a home for like-minded businesses to locate their business. Our region will benefit from a flourishing ecosystem of local food enterprises.

Besides us other tenants include…

Mycopolitan Mushroom Co.  www.mycopolitan.com/

As the first organization to join the Philly Good Food Lab, Mycopolitan Mushroom Co. has transformed the existing cement basement into Philadelphia’s first mushroom farm. Currently growing multiple varieties including King Trumpet, Pioppino, Pom Pom, Oyster and Shiitake, Mycopolitan mushrooms can be found in restaurants and home kitchens around the Delaware Valley.

Snack Like a Local   http://snacklikealocal.com/

Meg Widholm’s Snack Like a Local is changing the way we snack in the Greater Philadelphia area. Utilizing the Good Food Lab’s modern warehouse space, Snack Like a Local offers tasty goods made in and around Philadelphia for vending machines, snack racks, mini-markets, shops and bars.

Soom Foods http://soomfoods.com/

Soom Foods is a Philadelphia-based, women-owned business of three “Soom” sisters— Shelby, Jackie and Amy— passionate about providing high quality, delicious and nutritious sesame products. Our company vision started when Jackie’s husband, Omri, an international sesame expert, introduced the sisters to the unique flavor of high-quality sesame tahini. And when the sisters tasted Omri’s mother’s tahini carrot cake, they were inspired to introduce this sesame treasure to the American market as the next super food. Specializing in sesame spreads, their chocolate and 100% pure tahini sesame products can be found in the Greater Philadelphia region and can be ordered online and sent anywhere in the US.

Our Customers
Our Slow Food Connection

slowfood1Slow Food is an international movement founded by Carlo Petrini in 1986 that links the pleasures of the table with a commitment to protect the community, culture and environment.  Being an active and committed follower for almost two decades and having spent several years as the chapter leader here in Philadelphia, it is an integral part of my life and more importantly my lifestyle.  I am culinary gardener, beekeeper, and self-proclaimed naturalist with a “cabin in the woods” in upstate PA.  Taking multiple trips to Torino, Italy to experience Salone del Gusto and Terra Madre and also Slow Wine tastings over the years has only fueled my learning process.  Slow Food International headquarters is located in Bra (Piemonte), Italy.  There are chapters all over the world.  Slow Food USA has their offices in Brooklyn, NY and we have a local Slow Food Philly chapter.

Slow Food International


Global, grassroots movement with supporters in over 150 countries around the world who are linking the pleasure of good food with a commitment to their community and the environment.


Slow Wine Magazine


Carlo Petrini was instrumental in promoting the wines of Italy by helping to create the magazine Gambero Rosso.  Once the magazine became too focused on taste profile and less on where and how the grapes were being grown a committee was organized to travel to the vineyards to endorse wineries without scores but instead recognizing wineries that were doing things the right way.

slowfood2Slow Food USA


Slow Food USA has their offices in Brooklyn, NY.

Slow Food Philly



Slow Food International’s Executive Director Paolo Di Croce came to Philadelphia to promote “A Thousand Gardens in Africa.” We held a meet and greet at World Cafe Live featuring wines from Piedmont, Italy and locally produced cheeses provided by DiBruno Bros. Photo by Sarah McKay

  • Joseph M Brandolo
    Joseph M BrandoloOwner

    My professional career took a turn from “front of the house” that included Food & Beverage Management and ownership in two restaurants into wine and spirit sales. The last twenty five years my sales and marketing career has spanned from wholesale in NJ over to supplier roles; On-Premise Specialist for a major International Wine & Spirit Company and also sales consultant for a major California Winery Group both positions covering the Mid-Atlantic region. For the last 5 years I managed a Sales team in PA for a top Wine Wholesaler. Having an education in wholesale and supplier has shown me that there is niche out there for someone small like me to succeed.
    Traveling extensively to food and wine destinations around the world over the years I met many small producers who were seeking representation. With the growth in wine sales and the influx of younger winemakers who are well educated, some of whom grew up in the business and are returning to their roots, this presented me with an opportunity to strike out on my own. My respect for the earth, appreciation for food and wine and particularly how it relates to culture is a major part of my life and my lifestyle. Traveling and culinary gardening are my past times. Representing winemakers who share that respect is my inspiration when assembling our portfolio.

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